The Competition

Now everyone can play golf… no expensive lessons, golf etiquette, funny trousers, or disapproving looks. Fling Golf is fun and if you can throw a ball, you can play Fling Golf…

Each week Fling Club runs a competition, and every Jackpot Golf member is eligible to play.  
To enter follow the steps below

  1. Become a Jackpot Golf Member 
  2. Complete a FlingGolf round
  3. You must be playing with at least one other Jackpot Golf Member to submit a card
  4. Both you and the player you are playing with must sign off on the bottom of your card to validate the card is correct and that every shot was counted
  5. You can choose to enter your front nine score of your back nine score in the weekly FlingGolf competition.
  6. The competition is the best net score and after you have entered 3 cards you will get a FlingGolf handicap.
  7. Take a photo of your score card, login to your jackpot Golf membership and complete the score using the photo of your card as evidence.
  8. At the end of each week the best 3 cards will win a cash prize.  First place will be $100, second will be $50 and third will be $20.  In the case of a tie, we will use your score card to run a count back system
  9. All winners will be in the draw at the end of the year to win $10,000.

Want to play FlingGolf? – Contact vaughan@jackpotgolf.co.nz to discuss your options

Make sure you know the Rules and how to Score!

Rule 1. Tell everyone you can about Fling Club
Rule 2. FlingGolf is played off the yellow tees for ladies and white tees for men.
Rule 3. You don’t have to use your fling stick.  If you are close enough to the hole you can throw the ball at the hole
Rule 4.  You don’t have to putt the ball on the green you can roll the ball from your hand
Rule 5.  You must be standing at all times during a Fling shot

Normal Golf score cards from the golf club you are playing at are used
You must have paid green fees for your round of golf at the club you are playing at
The par for a hole is the same as real golf and will be shown on your score cards
You count your shots and fill in the number of shots on each hole
You add the shots at the end of the round and that is your score

FlingGolf is played over nine holes
Good luck and happy Flinging!

Fling Club Rules

Work Events

Have a great day out with no Handicap!

The cost for a team of 4 to play is $500 plus GST (10% discount if your players are Jackpot Golf Members)
The cost includes:

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