FlingGolf Partner Clubs

All up no down.

  • Is your club looking for extra revenue?
  • Would you like new customers and more money?
  • Would you like us to do all the marketing and hard work leaving you to reap
    the rewards?
    Then becoming a FlingGolf Partner Club might be just the ticket.

Straight to the point – This costs your club nothing.

  • We supply your Fling Sticks
  • We market FlingGolf to Corporates in your area booking events at your club
  • We run the event and manage the client

We do all the work including bring a prepaid client to your club.

  • You make money from Green Fees and catering for the event
  • We make money from the Fling Stick hire
  • It’s a win / win

Talk to us today about being a FlingGolf Partner Club and leave the rest to us. FlingGolf started about 7 years ago in the USA and now over 100,000 people have
played FlingGolf in the USA on over 2,000 golf courses there.  FlingGolf allows people to learn the rules of golf, understand the game and love the game, without
the pain of learning how to hit the ball. With FlingGolf all you need is 10 minutes practice and you are playing… This creates a completely new breed of golfer and new customers for your club. If you can throw a ball you can play FlingGolf.

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