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FlingGolf New Zealand is committed to helping sports clubs and community groups with funding while creating a sport that is fun for people of all ages and abilities.

Our goal over the coming months is to organise competitions that will encourage people to play the sport.  For this people will need to buy FlingSticks creating an attractive funding structure for communities involved with promoting the sport.

If you have a sports club or community group that needs funding you can be a FlingGolf promoter allowing your members to buy FlingSticks at a discounted rate while allowing your organisation to enjoy our funding rebate.

You don’t have to purchase Fling Sticks or spend any money.  All you do is let your members know that if they want to buy a Fling Stick that they can buy it cheaper through you.  You simply pass on the order to us and we do the rest paying you out your funding margin.

So no downside for you all up side.  A few posts on your social media could provide a good funding source for your organisation.

This can create a great funding opportunity for a community group.  Please contact Ellie on 027 311 8989 or ellie@wildgolf.co.nz for details.

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