Best Ball Tournament 8th of April

Avondale Best Ball

This will be the first ever Jackpot Golf Tournament and will form part of our national series. The best twos from each tournament will be invited to play in the national grand final.

Where – Avondale Golf Course
When – Friday the 8th of April
Time – Brunch meeting 11am
Tee off time – 12 noon
Format – 4 ball best ball (with a hidden hole)
Entry Fee – $40 per player
Fee Includes – Lunch, Drinks on course, Dinner, Prizes

Vaccine Pass Required

There will be a hidden hole that will be 3 times the stableford value.  The hole will be revealed at the end of the competition.

Tickets are available on the Jackpot Golf Shop at $40 each. Fees include breakfast, drinks on course, dinner and prizes. As well as the team competition there will also be prizes for the best individual stableford scores and these scores are posted on our leaderboard.

SOLD OUT! new tournament to be announced soon – register your interest by emailing vaughan@jackpotgolf.co.nz

Pick your partner and get your team entered.

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ScoreHandicapSponsor NowClub
David Blake13.9Ellie BagsicanWaimairi
Ellie Bagsican46.9David BlakeWaimairi
Jimmie McNicoll14.7Available to SponsorAvondale
Glenn Willoughby6.9Craig StephensonAvondale
Vaughan Fleming4Craig StephensonBottle Lake
Lyall Nuetze22Available to SponsorAvondale
Jared Quirke 29.3Available to SponsorLincoln
Phil O'Dea7.2Ronnie DunbarRussley
Bill Holden15.3Available to SponsorAvondale
Ali Dewsbury32.2Available to SponsorRichmond Hill
Don Ford23.7Available to SponsorAvondale
Ken Norton11Available to SponsorAvondale
Tawhiwhi Taite6.7Jimmy McNichollAvondale
Marion Beard18.6Jordan BuchananAvondale
Ray Tahana14.6Timothy MillerAvondale
Garry Sapsford20Available to SponsorAvondale
Craig Wilson13Craig Wilson Avondale
Zachariah Norton7Zachariah NortonPegasus
Reiana Tainui24Available to SponsorAvondale
Timothy Miller6Available to SponsorHarewood
Rik Tainui24Reiana TainuiAvondale
Oscar Cadenhead7Richard McKernanPegasus
Colleen Williams22.8Available to SponsorAvondale
Shane Williams14.6Available to SponsorAvondale
Louana Williams25Colleen WilliamsAvondale
Matthew Sword17Reiana TainuiAvondale
Ross Barnes8James BoswellAvondale
Phil Johnston11Rob SwannAvondale
Clare Hodges23Available to SponsorAvondale
James Boswell4Glenn WilloughbyAvondale
Russel Barron19Available to SponsorAvondale
Robert McKinley (Bob)7.2Marion BeardAvondale
Andy Knight22Available to SponsorWaitikiri
Oliver Lee19Ray TahanaWaitikiri
Brendon Nally17.6Timothy MillerAvondale
Jordan Buchanan19.4Graham MooreHutt Park
Kaye Cuthbertson20Available to SponsorAvondale
Judy Franklin29Available to SponsorAvondale
Quesi Mercier20Available to SponsorAvondale
Chris Martin12Available to SponsorAvondale
Barry Edkins13Available to SponsorAvondale
Louis Edwards11Available to SponsorAvondale
Afi Tusa17Available to SponsorAvondale
Johnny Knowles17.3Available to SponsorTai tapu
Kurt Knowles20.1Available to SponsorTai tapu
Sene Falealili6.5Kaye CuthbertsonAvondale
Shirl O'Connell14.5Shirl O'ConnellAvondale
Kelly Barson12.4Available to SponsorAvondale
Diego Tuheke12.6Available to SponsorWaimairi
Stanley Pokipoki10.4Available to SponsorWaimairi
Dave Darch13Available to SponsorHororata
George Morris10.6Available to SponsorRussley
Ronnie Dunbar9.9Phil O'DeaRussley
Bruce Coppin15.6George MorrisWaimairi Beach
Joseph Lim19.3Available to SponsorWaimairi Beach
Geoff Wiblin24Available to SponsorMartinborough
John Mooney27.4Bruce CoppinWaimairi Beach
Ian Knowler16Availablee to sponsorWeedons
Stu Guerin3Available to SponsorBottle Lake
Costani Costa10.7Ali DewsburyBottle Lake
Laurie Goodson14.2Available to SponsorAvondale
Fred Lavea18.4Tim JeenesAvondale
George Morete29.1Available to SponsorAvondale
Niven Boyle9.9Available to SponsorClearwater
Joseph Waitoa9.9Available to SponsorAvondale
Komene Kururangi13.8Available to SponsorAvondale
Dennis Fitzgerald9.3Available to SponsorAvondale
Dave Muggleton18.1Available to SponsorAvondale
Paul Webb8.9Available to SponsorAvondale
Seamus Biddick32.8Available to SponsorWaimairi Beach
Harry Westrupp17.9Available to SponsorAvondale
Hayden Burns2.1Available to SponsorAvondale
Chris Parata16.3Available to SponsorAvondale
Andrew Falck9.8Available to SponsorFlexiclub
Graham Moore23Available to SponsorEllesmere
Craig Stephenson7.7Graham MooreBottle Lake
Rouan Buitendag10.8Available to SponsorCoringa
Barrie Matthews10.4Available to SponsorWeedons
Bevin Hubbard15.3Available to SponsorHagley
Mac MitchellAvailable to SponsorAvondale
Nga Tangiiti9.4Available to SponsorAvondale
Ronald Christie29.7Available to SponsorAvondale
Bernard Fanning 18.7Available to SponsorAvondale
Wyn Mossman 13.3Available to SponsorAvondale
Fay Cooper26.9Available to SponsorChristchurch
Chris Dockrill19.5Available to SponsorWaimak Gorge
Matthew Wright 7.1Available to SponsorWaimak Gorge
Mickey Joyce11.5Available to SponsorRawhiti
Andy Ruruku24.7Available to SponsorAvondale
Jonathan Douglas21.6Available to SponsorFlexiclub
Paul Mcfadzien19.7Available to SponsorRussley
Michael D Williams11.1Available to SponsorAvondale
Richard McKernan7.6Available to SponsorAshburton
Alan Coffin10.9Available to SponsorHarewood
James Anderson8.2Available to SponsorAkaroa
Simon Hadfield9.3Available to SponsorAkaroa
Doug McMillan12.5Available to SponsorAshburton
Bevan Grieg11Available to SponsorWaimairi Beach
Daryl Urquheart14Available to SponsorHutt Park Golf Club
V Keri Maaka6.2Available to SponsorAvondale
Darrin Sullivan15.7Available to SponsorAvondale
Tim Jeenes15.3Available to SponsorCoringa
David Bruce19.7Available to SponsorCoringa
Gary Wilson 10.4Available to SponsorClearwater
Ian Goodwin23Available to SponsorRichmond Hill
Simon Chamberlain11.9Available to SponsorFlexiclub
John Bryenton 19.8Available to SponsorAvondale
Andrew Lemon 17.4Available to SponsorAvondale
Darryl Cochrane18.6Available to SponsorTempleton
Ashley Thomas 15.8Available to SponsorAvondale
John H Parkyn 14.3Available to SponsorAvondale
Robert Swann 17.7Available to SponsorAvondale
Andy Youngman 25.9Available to SponsorAvondale
Peter Thompson 17.9Available to SponsorAvondale
Mike R Andrews19.4Available to SponsorAvondale
Ian Dixon 18.3Available to SponsorAvondale
Michael Irving 10.1Available to SponsorWaimairi Beach
Ross Morgan 13.1Available to SponsorCoringa
Poasa Alaifea 35.4Available to SponsorRawhiti
Sam McGill Available to SponsorClearwater
Ben de Grut 12Available to SponsorAvondale
Nicholas Kokkinidis 9.5Vaughan FlemingAvondale
John Morten 18.9Available to SponsorHororata
Kelvin Hicks 9.4Available to SponsorHororata
Andrew Bailey8.7Available to SponsorChristchurch
Jordan Merito12.4Available to SponsorRussley
Warren Bailey20.3Available to SponsorAvondale

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