New Zealand wins the rights to host the 2023 FlingGolf World Cup

FlingGolf is a version of golf that uses a Fling Stick instead of a set of Golf Clubs.  The rules are similar and the object is to get the golf ball in the hole with as few flings as possible.

FlingGolf started 7 years ago by the founders Alex Van Alen and John Pruellage in the USA and has now hit the shores of New Zealand.  To showcase the sport the founders have agreed to hold the 2023 FlingGolf World Cup in New Zealand.  New Zealand is now on the hunt to find the two best players in New Zealand to represent the land of the Long White Cloud.

This is likely to be a heavily contested 72 hole battle with teams from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Although becoming an elite FlingGolfer requires the discipline of a seasoned athlete, one of the sports main charms is the fact that it can be so easily played at a fun level.  Unlike traditional golf it only takes most people around 30 minutes to learn the basics and start playing.  Compare this to traditional golf and most people would agree getting to a level where you could play a round of golf can take months of lessons.

If you can throw a ball you can play FlingGolf!


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