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Wild Golf is about to start the first ever nationwide match play pairs competition in New Zealand. We call it the super 9!

So how does this work?

  1. Teams will play in each region and a champion will emerge
  2. The winner from each region will win an all-expense paid trip to the host region to compete in the nationals where the 9 Finalists will play off for a $10,000 cash prize.
  3. 9 regions will feature in this competition and they are:
Bay of Plenty
Hawkes Bay

When we start the competition people are going to need a place to play and equipment to use so we are looking for 9 golf courses to become our resellers of Fling Golf equipment in New Zealand.

Increased Green Fee income.  Fling Golfers are most likely not your current golf clientele, they are a new breed that will be wanting to play this new sport.  People will need to practice and use your course for the competition match play.  This will result in increased green fee players on your course.

A huge promotion.  We are planning a huge social media campaign that will promote the Fling Golf game, the tournament and your course as the course to play on and the place to hire/buy Fling Sticks in your region.  Fling Sticks hire for $5 each* (Suggested Price) and sell starting at $299. 

So what is in it for you?

So what is the cost?

All you need to do is buy your 4 Fling Sticks and agree to be our course and partner for the region.  The four sticks retail for $1,796 but as you are our reseller your cost will be $1,396.

Because you will be able to rent these out at $5 per game* (Suggested Price) each stick will pay for itself after 70 rounds played.  In addition you will be the reseller and we believe buyer demand will be high.

Interested?  Contact Vaughan today for details on 0800 461 243

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