Current Jackpot

Golf - $200
FlingGolf $400

The Jackpot

Get a Hole In One on one of our Jackpot Golf Holes and win the Jackpot!

Play a round at one of our Jackpot Golf associated clubs and get a hole in one on the Jackpot Golf hole to win the Jackpot!  You must be a Wild Golf member (register here) to be able to claim the prize and you can win playing with a traditional Golf Club or a Fling Stick.
 However.  The Jackpot amount is double for a Fling Stick Hole in one.
1. You must be registered Wild Golf Member before you play your shot or prize cannot be claimed. Click the link to become a Wild Golf Member
2. Once you are registered you will receive a weekly email telling you the jackpot amount you will be playing for. 
3. Every player should have paid a green fee for their round or be an affiliated member of a NZ Golf Club, playing a game of golf or Fling Golf. A scorecard must have been printed prior to teeing off. Inter-club fixtures and tournaments are included. 
4. You must only have one shot at the green… no mulligans! 
5. Only a hole in one that can be verified by the camera system will be valid. If for any reason we are unable to validate your hole in one via the video recording, we will not be able to pay out the prize money. 
6. If you get a “hole in one” please call Ellie immediately on 027 296 8070 with the name of the course you are on so that we can check the footage and contact you to make payment.

Scott's $2000 Hole in One
@ Pegasus

Craig's $900 Hole In One
@ Avondale Golf Club

Fred's $1600 Hole In One
@ Avondale Golf Club

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