Wild Golf Super 12 Womens Open 22/23

Free trip to the National Finals and $10,000 in prizes to be won!

Where – Your Region
When – November ’22
Format – Foursomes Matchplay
Entry Fee – $150 per 2 person team (free for Wild Golf Members)

Prizes – $10,000 in prizes to be won!


The Details

The first round starts in the first week of November 2022 
Teams of two will compete in each region to decide the champion for their region.  You will be notified who you play against and it is up to you and your opponents to set a time to play.  Hire Fling Sticks will be available in your region but the serious contenders will want to own their own.
As this is a new sport all teams play off scratch and formal Fling Golf rules apply Click here for rules.
You might need a little practice before you enter although not compulsory!
Make sure you know where you can buy and rent Fling Sticks – click here
The winners in each region are given an all expense paid trip to the resort where we will be holding the National Match Play Finals.  There will be 12 finalists.
$10,000 in prizes are up for grabs but that is not as important as the trophy… did someone mention trophy?… oh yeah… this is going straight to the pool room!
Sign up now for the levelist playing field ever created in sport!
For details call Vauhan on 0800 461 243 
Get a mate and register now… your pride demands it!

How FlingGolf Foursomes Matchplay Works

Two Teams of Two. Play 18 Holes at the chosen golf course.

One player of each team takes the first fling on odd holes and the other on even. The next teammate then takes the next fling and so on alternating shots until the ball is in the hole.

The team with the least number of flings to the hole wins that hole and earns 1 point. If it’s a tie no points are awarded.

The team with the most points at the end wins. If there’s a tie it becomes sudden death keep playing until theres a winner.

Team namePlayers namesTeam DescriptionScoreSponsor now
Investment BuildDavid Blake, Jimmie Mc Nicholl, Ray Tahana, YaniFit and hungry with the passion for golf. Don't like second!Available to Sponsor
S A Thelning BrickiesKurt Thelning, Shaun McCourtThese guys are used to working as a team going into this as a team will give them a lead to the big one  

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