The New Swarm FlingGolf Classic

In the first-ever event of its kind, the World League FlingGolf crowned 2 World Champions over the weekend of May 21-22 at the 2022 New Swarm FlingGolf Classic.  The 2 event tournament consisted of the New Swarm Open, a course-play event, and the Longest FlingShot Championship, a test of strength and technique to hurl a golf ball as far as possible using a New Swarm FlingStick. Both events were filmed for ESPN to be broadcast this summer.

The New Swarm Open – May 21

A field of 41 players representing 17 states and the Oneida Nation arrived at the American Classic Golf Club, whose staff and volunteers did an unbelievable job hosting both events of the Classic.  With practice rounds complete on Friday, the contestants began with a shotgun start at 9AM Saturday morning for the qualifying 18 holes. Players vied for the top 5 scores in order to reach the 4 hole Final Round.  Scoring was based on the “reggie” system, where players count their strokes, but deduct a stroke for each green that they hit in regulation (a reggie).

With the temperature reaching 94 degrees during the day, and the sun a-blazing down, the qualifier was not only a battle of mental toughness and focus, but also one of physical stamina. By the time all the scores came in, we had our top 5 finalists.

The 5 Finalists

Jack “The Irish Twin” Bovich, from Lewes, DE with a 68/11R = 57

Daniel “the FlingGolf Guy” Dillinger from Boise, ID with a 70/11R = 59

Ken “Kenzo” Pytluk, from Fort Collins, CO with a 70/10R = 60

Austin “Showtime” Ebersole, from Lewes, DE with a 66/6R = 60

Mike “Big Cat” Edwards, from Greenville, PA with a 74/8R = 66*

Honorable Mentions

* “D-Day” David Day lost the Reggie tie breaker by 1 Reggie to Mike Edwards with a 73/7R = 66

Britt Morrison: Top Women’s Player with a 84/4R = 80

Kendall Banks: Top Collegiate Player (Southern University) with a 77/9R = 68

“Dreamy Drew” Mangeluzo: Top Junior with a 84/4R = 80

With the New Swarm Cup on the line, the 5 finalists set out to play 4 holes, starting with the par 4 9th, the par 3 7th, the par 3 5th and to finish on the island green of the par 4 6th hole.  Pulling into the last hole, the scores were

Ken P 11/2R = 9,

Jack B 12/1R = 11,

Mike E 12/1R = 11,

Austin 13/0R = 13 and

Daniel 13/0R = 13.

The island green proved no match for any of the players, with each scoring a reggie to get to the green in 2. From there, Kenzo used the mental toughness that made him a martial arts black belt and secured the New Swarm Cup and World FlingGolf Championship with a reggie-par.  Congratulations Kenzo!

New Swarm Open Final Results

1. Ken Pytluk  15/3R = 12 FlingGolf World Champion

2. Jack Bovich 16/2R = 14

3. Mike Edwards 17/2R = 15

T-4. Daniel Dillinger 17/1R = 16

T-4. Austin Ebersole 17/1R = 16

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